1-Page comic.
Self-Published in June 2021 @ Twitter &
Art, colors, and letters by Jacob Fleming

And They Shall Fetch
1-Page comic.
Self-Published in May 2021 @ Twitter &
Art by Sinnerman, letters by LetterSquids

A Funk in the Road
8-Page comic.
Published in “Swingin’ Sixties” in May 2021.
Digital release. Available digitally (On Google Drive).
Art & Colors by Dan Yell, letters by Joni Hägg, edited by Zev Hatfield

6-Page comic.
Published in “The Great Command Meant” by Arcane Inkdustries. Digital release in 2020, Print 2021.
Funded via Kickstarter.
Art, colors, and letters by Kyle Irvine.

The High Road
6-Page Comic.
Published in “INSPIRATION: a comics school anthology” by The Comics School Anthology Trilogy
Released digitally in October 2020 on Gumroad.
Art & colors by Kyle Irvine, letters by Joni Hägg

The Law of the Land
1-Page comic.
Published digitally in “Making Comics!”-Discord group contest in September 2019.
Voted best overall comic, best art, best coloring, and best lettering. Voted 2nd for writing.
Published in YEET Presents #35 in June 2020.
Art, colors, and letters by Jacob Fleming.

Incandescent World
3-Page comic. Published in PITCH! 2019 by Irrational Comics
Digital release in September 2019.
Art & Lettering by the Irrational Comics Team.

Ancestral Homes
2-Page comic. Originally produced for “Home Sweet Home”
Self-published in 2020.
Art & Lettering by Rafael Romeo Magat

First Contact
2-Page comic. Published in Reddit/r/ComicBookCollabs short comic contest, 2019.
Art by Pat Skott, Colors by Oscar K., letters by Reed Hinckley-Barnes