Portfolio of free comics

These comics are free for you to enjoy!

These short stories have been written at different times, for various reasons. Some were made just for fun, while others were part of anthologies or other digital collections. All rights are reserved.

And They Shall Fetch

This 1-Page comic was written, produced, and self-published in May 2021. It was incredibly fun to work with Sinnerman on this, and I hope to rekindle that collaboration later.

Written by Joni Hägg

Art by Sinnerman

Lettered by LetterSquids


This was my second collaboration with Jacob Fleming, and represents an experiment with my scripting method. I wrote this comic out on a detailed layoyut of the page, giving Jacob very clear directions. In the end, I am very happy with how Jacob took to this idea.

Self-Published in June 2021.

Written by Joni Hägg

Drawn, colored & lettered by Jacob Fleming.

Law of the Land

My first collaboration with Jacob Fleming, for an online comic making discord contest. Our entry won the overall best comic in the competition, and placed high in every individual category. All the praise for that goes out to Jacob.

Originally published digitally in September 2019.

Published in YEET Presents! #35 in June 2020.

Written by Joni Hägg.

Drawn, colored & lettered by Jacob Fleming.